Making AI a tool of creativity and freedom for everyone

We are building the future of interactive entertainment and AI generated adventures.

Introducing AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is a text-based RPG that is not confined to the imagination of the developers. You are completely unlimited in the direction you take your adventure.

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Free and Expressive Gameplay

We design games that put players in the the role of co-author. Exploration and invention are the heart of play. When you give players freedom, fascinating and inspiring things happen.

Creativity Without Restraints

The future of gaming is limited only by the structures we build for it. Our commitment to autonomy and freedom inspires everything we do, both in our gameplay and our company culture. We believe the best work is created when people are given the space and support to make exactly what they want to make without compromise.

AI Research in Entertainment

With deep connections in the field of artificial intelligence research, we artfully apply emerging AI technologies to the fields of entertainment and gaming.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

At its best, technology should amplify our most aspirational human qualities. We believe the design of tomorrow’s transformative games begins with giving players the tools they need to explore and express their uniqueness.

Explore Infinite Possibilities

With the power of AI, you can endlessly explore a multiverse of possibilities.
No two stories will ever be alike when you play.

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