Latitude is a creator of new worlds with a mission to enable vast and living AI-powered worlds for people to explore. We make worlds that are an order of magnitude more interesting and more immersive because they are dynamic, built on the magic of AI technology, and have endless possibilities.

Like the Wizard of Oz, AI is the magic behind the curtain and is, by its nature, a massive, unsolved research project.  We build our knowledge of AI through steady exploration and application of the technology to everything we develop. Through the development of our tools, products, and platform, we will bring a greater understanding of AI’s capabilities to the world while creating compelling entertainment experiences where people enjoy spending their time.

Truly building the Multiverse will require fundamental breakthroughs in AI technology.  It will be created by researchers, programmers, creators, players, storytellers, and AI that come together on a shared journey of creation and discovery.  All stakeholders’ actions will matter and will shape the world of AI in significant ways.  As we uncover the mysteries of AI, so will you, and we will all be the beneficiaries of its gifts.  As yet undiscovered uses, products, and worlds will be a happy bi-product of our work resulting in applications we can’t yet imagine.

In the years to come, Latitude will be the single place for people to go to access AI-driven experiences, building vast, new, and interesting worlds and the games that people have been dreaming of for decades.

Our Values


  • You seize opportunities to improve yourself, our products, our company, our industry, and our world.
  • You proactively identify and solve problems.
  • You actively seek diverse perspectives.
  • You prioritize helping others over your own projects, but always in the context of maximizing the growth of the person you’re helping.
  • You manage and prioritize your own work, never losing sight of the larger context.
  • You practice just-in-time learning, asking others to teach you how to do new things, rather than asking others to do things for you.
  • You share what you’ve learned freely rather than hoarding knowledge.
  • You help others live our values by calling them in, and helping them improve when needed.


  • You simplify large projects into small pieces that you can get in front of users quickly.
  • You apply the Pareto rule to your projects, always building the 20% that gives 80% of the value first.
  • You demonstrate the problem before building a solution.
  • You bias towards action and experimentation.
  • You move projects forward using small, fast iterations.
  • You continuously shorten feedback cycles.
  • You test ideas, validating or disproving them as quickly as possible.
  • You deliver the simplest solution first and make it more complex only as needed.


  • You see people as fellow humans, and treat them with kindness and respect. Users. Colleagues. Everyone. Always.
  • You are honest and open with others, because candor is ultimately kind.
  • You give others the benefit of the doubt, interpreting what they say, and especially what they write, in the best way possible.
  • You actively listen when others voice their concerns, and consider whether or not they want advice or action from you.
  • You try to understand the circumstances we all face and adjust for them when making decisions or communicating.
  • You seek to gain a deep understanding of our users.
  • You prioritize people even over company profits.


  • You experiment, play, hack, and tinker.
  • You spend time pursuing new ideas, even if there is no immediate way to use them.
  • You look for truth using data, especially truths you did not expect.
  • You draw inspiration from the stories of many cultures.
  • You indulge your curiosity, and know there is always more to uncover.
  • You let your dreams guide you.

If these values resonate with you please check out our Careers.