October 1, 2020

AI Cost Update

As a company, we’ve always tried to be transparent and open with our community. We deeply value all of our users, and have “Players over Profits” as one of our core values. Because of this, we want to let you know about some large developments that will affect all of us over the coming weeks.

Recently we’ve learned that the server costs incurred for both the Griffin and Dragon models are higher than our total revenue. Nobody has ever deployed AI models this powerful before, and it requires extremely expensive hardware. If we don’t make changes to cover the costs of that hardware soon, AI Dungeon will not be financially viable. We’re committed to keeping that from happening. With your help, we’re confident that we can find a way forward that balances our ability to run the product with your ability to enjoy it.

Because of this, we need to restructure how the game works. We’ll have more to share on that in the next several weeks. We remain committed to providing a great experience to premium users and keeping the game available for all other users, so that everyone can experience the magic of AI Dungeon.

For an idea of the kind of hardware required to run AI Dungeon:*

Hardware needed for advanced AAA video games
(Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080)


Hardware needed to play AI Dungeon on Griffin
(Tesla V100)


Hardware needed to play AI Dungeon on Dragon
(Server with 4 Tesla A100s)


*Illustration is based on internal estimates of compute required.