April 6, 2023

AI Dungeon to test ChatGPT through Azure

Why We Decided to Test ChatGPT

Since ChatGPT was introduced, our players have requested we enable it as an option in AI Dungeon. We recently validated this sentiment with a player survey, finding over 70% of players were excited about the idea of ChatGPT being a model option. As a result, we’re going to begin testing ChatGPT for AI Dungeon.

Our Plan for Testing

We’ve decided to test Microsoft Azure as our ChatGPT provider. With their extensive experience providing enterprise-level cloud services, we feel their privacy and security reputation will be valuable to our players. Since this is a new partnership, we want to make sure we are carefully listening to users’ feedback and only making changes if they will result in a better experience.

We intend to utilize our entire AI evaluation tool kit to determine whether we should offer ChatGPT from Azure long-term. This includes both quantitative evaluation methods (like “Train the AI” and “Try a New AI”) as well as qualitative feedback from players. Our Alpha testers will also be testing and providing additional feedback to aid the evaluation process.

This test is completely opt-in for players. Our AI testing will only include those who have turned on “Improve the AI” in their settings.

Testing Details

During the testing period, ChatGPT will not be a selectable model option but may be used in “Train the AI” and “Try a New AI” tests. If these initial tests go well, we plan to continue testing ChatGPT by offering it as a beta model for additional testing from our players.

Azure does have additional filtering for their ChatGPT offering. We will be testing these filters as part of our testing evaluation.

We look forward to your feedback!

Thanks again to our players for letting us know they’d like us to evaluate ChatGPT. We welcome all player feedback during the testing phase. Enabling “Improve the AI” is the best way to help us evaluate ChatGPT from Azure, but we are also happy to hear your feedback in Discord or by emailing our team at [email protected] .