November 7, 2020

AI Energy Update

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback over the past day about the energy system and wanted to update the community about where we’re at. We appreciate your feedback and patience while we figure out how to make AI powered experiences fun and financially sustainable.

As mentioned in this announcement the costs for the AI are way too high to continue as they are now. We just can’t continue offering unlimited AI access at the current price points.

We’ve listened carefully to your feedback over the past couple days and have identified a few key points.

  • There are many people willing to pay more for an unlimited experience.
  • Some users play the game much less than others, so it’s not fair if they have to pay for users that use it much more heavily.
  • 100 actions is not enough for users who prefer to play more on weekly bursts.

To address these points, we’re considering the following changes:

Higher Charge Max

Change max energy from 100 to 2000. Energy would charge faster when you’re under 100.

New Subscription Tiers

  • Free Tier: Limited Griffin
  • $5 / Month Tier: Unlimited Griffin
  • $10 / Month Tier: Unlimited Griffin + Limited Dragon
  • $30 / Month Tier: Unlimited Dragon

Previous Subscribers
Previous subscribers would keep unlimited Dragon access until the end of the year.

We deeply value our players even over profits, but part of that means we have to make AI Dungeon sustainable over the long run. If the game isn’t sustainable then no one wins. But in that process we will also listen carefully to the community to find out how we can do that in a way that’s both fun, fair for everyone (power users, casual users etc…) and financially sustainable.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and are grateful for the support of the community as we figure out what this entirely new genre of AI powered experiences looks like.