July 22, 2021

Current State of AI Dungeon

A while ago we decided to remove Explore due to abuse of the platform and our community guidelines. Along with this we realized that many of our guidelines and policies needed to be updated which took a lot of work internally as well as with experts and attorneys to define. Now that this process is mostly resolved and most of the issues we’ve been dealing with are being addressed, we’re excited to finally be in a place where we’ve been able to build again. So here’s where we’re at with AI Dungeon and a peek at what’s to come!

New Home screen

The new Home screen is meant to be a long-term replacement for the old Explore screen, and will allow players to find new and exciting content to enjoy and keep AI Dungeon fresh. The Home page will ultimately serve as a much better place where players can go to access all their favorite content without having to go digging.

Upgraded Profile screen

The Profile screen has also been an area of focus. We expect this screen to eventually make the “My Stuff” screen obsolete and will be removing it in the near future. The exciting thing about the new Profile screen is that you will be able to publish your adventures, scenarios, and worlds for anyone who visits your Profile to see and play. You can follow and friend other players and we plan to create a carousel on the Home screen for new scenarios and worlds that those you follow or are friends with have created.

Better AI and AI features

We’ve been working a lot on testing different AI models. As some of you may have noticed, some work better than others depending on the context. Our goal is to ultimately keep improving the AI to give players the best gameplay possible. We’re also creating better tools for players to curate your experience with the AI. “Train the AI” that some have experienced has been part of our testing for different AI models, but we also look forward to soon making it so a form of this experience is available to players at all times to give you more options for how you want your adventure to proceed. More details as we get closer…

More to come

Our immediate goal with AI Dungeon is to make it easier for players to get into the game and have a good time. We’ve received a lot of requests for features and other improvements that we continue to consider and hope to satisfy in one way or another in the coming months. Your feedback has been invaluable. We really appreciate our players that have continued to support us as we work to make AI a tool of creativity and freedom for everyone.