May 31, 2023

Dragon J2 to Replace Retiring Wyvern & Dragon Models

AI Language models are evolving quickly, and newer and better models continue to be introduced to the market. We’re fortunate to work with leading AI providers to offer these models to our players.

One of these partners is AI21, who has provided two of our Premium AI models, Dragon & Wyvern, players can choose from in AI Dungeon. AI21 offers 3 main models: Large, Grande, and Jumbo. We’ve used two of their Jurrasic-1 models, Grande for Wyvern and Jumbo for Dragon. Griffin has been based on another model, GPT-J, which is NOT an AI21 model. We take these base models and do additional training by feeding them datasets of text adventures, which changes the behavior of the AI models to be better suited for the role-play adventures our players love.

Recently, AI21 launched new versions of these models, which they are calling Jurrasic-2. There will be J2 Large, J2 Grande, and J2 Jumbo. These J2 models are going to be replacing the legacy Jurrasic-1 models on June 1 (for Large and Grande) and June 21 (for Jumbo). This means that we’ll no longer be able to provide these legacy models to our players.

As a result, we’ll be phasing out our current Wyvern and Dragon models. Griffin will not be impacted by these changes. Wyvern will be removed tomorrow, June 1, 2023, and the outgoing Dragon model will be retired on June 21, 2023.

We’ve recently introduced two new models into the lineup, Dragon J2 and ChatGPT, which will serve as replacements for the outgoing models. Dragon J2 is based on the new J2 Grande model, and so far it has been drastically outperforming the old Wyvern and Dragon models. We are exploring the new J2 Jumbo model as well. We’ve recently started open beta testing of ChatGPT Azure as well. Both Dragon J2 and ChatGPT are perfect examples of newer, better models, and so far, players have been extremely happy with the upgrades.

For players with Wyvern or Dragon set as their model, we’ll automatically move them to the new Dragon J2 model tomorrow, June 1.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email us at [email protected], or join our Discord server and talk with our growing community and team. We appreciate all the feedback we received from our Alpha testers and the broader community. This gave us confidence in the quality of these new AI models and helped us plan for the retirement of Wyvern and Dragon.