September 28, 2023

Features You've Asked For, Coming Soon to Phoenix

We’d like to share some of the feedback we’ve been collecting and set expectations for changes coming to AI Dungeon as a result

One of our success criteria that must be met prior to retiring Legacy AI Dungeon is that we listen to and address player feedback. We’d like to share some of the feedback we’ve been collecting and set expectations for changes coming to AI Dungeon as a result. These are in no particular order.

List View / Cards View

Expected Before Legacy Retires | Needs Solution Discovery

Not everyone is a fan of the card view in AI Dungeon. One of the drawbacks to a card design is that it limits the amount of text that can be shown for each content item and, in certain contexts, can feel like a less efficient use of space. These limitations are particularly noticeable on the search results page and on the Story Card manager.

One of our favorite suggestions is to explore a “List View.” This is a pattern common on other platforms, which provide the ability toggle between a Card view and a List view. A list view should be able to allow for more text to be displayed per content item.

We’ll share designs and gather feedback soon.


Expected Before Legacy Retires | Needs Solution Discovery

The images in AI Dungeon were one of the things players were excited about for the Phoenix transition. As players have had a chance to play around with Phoenix, we’ve heard that there aren’t enough images, the images aren’t relevant, or that it’s hard to find an image that matches a Scenario or Adventure.

There are a few different ways we could solve this. We could expand the image library and add thousands more images. We could also provide a way for players to use custom images for their content, either through generating images using AI, by uploading images or providing a URL to an image. Each of these solutions comes with questions that we still need to answer (such as moderation). Many would require additional UI and UX to be built, so it’s not a quick and easy thing to add.

We will improve the image experience before Legacy retires. As we get further in the discovery process, we’ll provide an update on what will be added before Legacy retires.

Scenario Filters

Expected Before Legacy Retires | Needs Solution Discovery

We’ve shared recently that Worlds are in the process of being merged into Scenarios, and that Phoenix Scenarios have been enhanced with features from Legacy Worlds. Players have asked that, as part of this transition, we adjust the filtering options on the profile and search pages so it’s easier to find Scenarios based on whether they use the Simple Story, Character Creator, or Multiple Choice options. We agree this is an important functionality and will make this adjustment prior to retiring Legacy.

Clickable Tags

Expected Before Legacy Retires | Solution Identified

Technically, this is a bug, but it’s been brought up enough we wanted to include it on this list. On the detail pages for Adventures and Scenarios, we display tags that the creator listed for the content. On Legacy, these tags were clickable and would trigger a search using the tag as the search criteria. We’ll be restoring that functionality on the details pages for Phoenix as well, so that any tag can be clicked and initiate a search.

Text Display Options

Expected Before Legacy Retires | Needs Solution Discovery

For a text-based game like AI Dungeon, it’s inevitable that players will want to adjust the look of the text. Display settings were on our Phoenix roadmap, but based on player feedback, we’ve decided it needs to be worked on before retiring Legacy.

We don’t plan on copying the customization settings we had on Legacy, so there will be a few differences. For instance, the display settings will apply to the game screen only instead of the entire app. We also recognize that the Legacy display settings were used to make the game easier to see for those with a visual impairment, so we’ll spend time making sure there are good options for different needs.

If you don’t see something on this list, let us know! There are a number of smaller fixes and bugs we plan to address as well before retiring Legacy. We plan to continue iterating and improving AI Dungeon, and we appreciate all the feedback!