November 2, 2021

AI Dungeon Roadmap

We’re excited to share the upcoming AI Dungeon roadmap with you! We're highlighting recent updates to AI Dungeon along with our plans for the following months.

What’s shipped

In the past few months we’ve shipped a number of updates to AI Dungeon. These include:

  • Launched World Sharing
  • Improved World Info management
  • The return of content publishing and search (Explore is back!)
  • New Griffin (a fine-tuned GPT-J model)
  • Fine-tune Improvements (added more 3rd person story content)
  • Community Guidelines update with blog post explaining the changes
  • Images added to AI Dungeon (for premium subscribers)
  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements
  • New status page at

What’s coming

This is our tentative roadmap for the next few months. These plans may change, but here’s what we’re planning to work on:

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

  • iOS accessibility fixes
  • Updated login + 3rd party login options
  • Multiplayer stability
  • Improved home page recommendations


  • Notification improvements
  • Instant sharing (be able to share a part of your story more easily to social media, including generated images, with links back to published adventures)
  • Launching a new official Latitude Discord
  • Multiplayer enhancements for a better social experience

Model Enhancements

  • Fine-tuning experiments including additional quality 3rd person content
  • Dragon-BETA for Gold subscribers
  • Launching new Dragon model
  • LMI (last model input) viewer so that players can see exactly what’s being sent to the model

Prototyping Some Future Concepts
These are very much in early stage discovery and we are open to community suggestions.

  • New creation tools for characters
  • Updated creation tools for scenarios and worlds
  • Immersive Tales (a simpler CYOA way to start stories as an enhancement to scenarios)
  • Additional image generation options for premium subscribers (including pixel art and automated image suggestions)
  • Collectibles and achievements
  • A new way to subscribe to AI Dungeon (more to share soon)


It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, and we know that our team has learned a lot about its capacity to develop, create, and learn from players like yourself.

We are grateful for all of you as we work together to build a new generation of experiences that have never existed before.. We hope you will continue to reach out to us anytime you have a question.

We love seeing what the community is creating in AI Dungeon! Stay tuned for updates on what’s to come.

The Latitude Team