January 12, 2024

Mixtral and MythoMax: Officially Launching from Early Access

We have exciting news about Mixtral and MythoMax. After several weeks of testing and improvements, we’re ready to take these models out of Early Access and make them official AI Dungeon models. We’ve addressed a lot of your feedback since their debut in December, and we’ve worked with our team and providers to fix many issues, primarily around empty outputs. You’re now over 50 times less likely to get an empty output on MythoMax than when we launched! We’ll continue listening to your feedback and updating these models over time.

Players have been praising Mixtral for its coherence and content freedom over other models. This made us wonder whether we should change our promo offer, which gives free players the opportunity to enjoy our premium models without starting a subscription. When asked on Discord and Reddit, our community overwhelmingly said YES, make Mixtral the promo model. Because of their feedback, we decided to move forward with this change so everyone can try Mixtral. We think you’ll appreciate its quality improvements and the added flexibility it offers in subject matter.

Starting today in the Beta environment, you can use your 20 daily premium actions for Mixtral. This will be available in the Production environment early next week. After that, ChatGPT will no longer be available to use with promo actions, but it will remain an option for subscribers. As a free player, you always have complete access to our base models, Griffin and MythoMax.

Thank you for all of the feedback you’ve given about Mixtral and MythoMax during their Early Access period. We hope they continue to improve your gameplay, and we look forward to hearing more feedback!