December 31, 2021

More Dragon Updates

A few weeks ago we announced some updates to our Dragon models due to content policy changes by OpenAI.

The vast majority of players opted to transition to our new Dragon model (Dragon-21) in the first couple of days because of the impact the new OpenAI content filters have on adventures. Now that most players have switched to Dragon-21 because of the changes, we have significantly lower volume on OpenAI models.

Changes to Dragon-OA

With the higher traffic we had a volume-based discount that we will no longer have since most users transitioned away. Because of that we would now pay the normal token price which is 12 cents / 1000 tokens (which is around 1 action) for a fine-tuned model. That would mean every 100 actions would cost $12.

Given this change and that most users can’t have a good experience with the new filters, Dragon-OA isn’t going to be offered starting in the new year.

Improvements to Dragon-21

We recognize that while many players have had positive experiences with Dragon-21, there are still some users who have reported issues while we’re still calibrating this new model. In the next couple of weeks our top priority is working to improve the new Dragon model, including improving issues with repetition, long response times, and general coherence. Today we updated Dragon-21 to a new finetune that’s performed better in our Train the AI tests this week. We’re working closely with the AI21 team to make these improvements.

In addition to improving Dragon-21, we have several other projects to improve story generation quality underway. The closed-beta for Voyage will also be opening soon with early access starting with platinum subscribers and then extending to gold subscribers soon after.

If you notice times of Dragon-21 generating poor responses, please share examples of those as it helps us continue to solve issues and calibrate for the best story-telling experience.

We invite you to join our discord server where we continue to listen to player feedback. You can also contact our team anytime at [email protected].