August 8, 2022

New AI Dungeon membership plans are now available to all players

After consistent feedback, we’ve reintroduced AI Dungeon subscription plans and mobile payment options. We took the opportunity to rebuild the plans and payment systems to be more stable, consistent, and flexible than before. While these plans have only been available in Beta for the past few weeks, the overwhelmingly positive response from players tells us that these have indeed been sorely missed. We’re excited to announce that the phased rollout of these plans to all users has begun!  

AI Dungeon Membership Plans

We're launching 3 new plans: Adventurer, Hero, and Legend. Current subscribers will be automatically upgraded into these new plans since benefits either improve or remain the same. Gold subscribers will become Adventurers. Voyage subscribers will become Heroes. Platinum subscribers will become Legends. The Silver tier will become Travelers, and going forward these benefits will only be available through one-time purchases on Steam.

For full details about these new plans, their benefits, and prices, please refer to our help center article.

Gold, Credits, Scales, and a new AI Dungeon Economy

The AI Dungeon economy is changing. We're introducing Gold, a resource for members to spend on Dragon, or hoard for rewards. Scales are back, and we are expanding the purpose of credits.

Get an overview of the AI Dungeon Economy in our Guidebook.

Thanks for the feedback

We appreciate all the helpful feedback we’ve received from our community. Bringing back AI Dungeon plans, mobile payments, and ways to use Dragon Scales was a direct response to requests and feedback from our players. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback on these announcements and happy adventuring!