October 17, 2023

Phoenix is Coming to Mobile October 24th

Since Phoenix became the default AI Dungeon web experience in mid-September, we have followed similar success criteria for making the accompanying mobile apps the default experience as well. Because the success criteria have been met, we are now prepared to transition the primary version of the AI Dungeon mobile apps to Phoenix instead of Legacy!

Success Criteria

  • All scoped features, including ones identified through user feedback, are implemented. These include: Game screen actions; World Info (now Story Cards); Reading Adventures view (others and your own); Scripting; Multiplayer; Performance improvements; and Accessibility features, including display settings.
  • All features are working on the iOS and Android versions of AI Dungeon. This means we’ve resolved all known Priority 1 (P1) and Priority 2 (P2) bugs discovered by beta testers.
  • All features support accessibility tools and standards.
  • All player feedback has been recorded and triaged. We have responded to as much feedback as possible and shared updates about how we’re applying that feedback.

While the apps have been in beta, we’ve built several new features and brought over a few Legacy features that players said they missed in Phoenix:

  • Undo to Here (now /erase-to-here, or /eth)
  • Scenario Character Creator
  • Story Card Import & Export
  • Clickable Tags
  • Linked Accounts
  • Release Channel

You may have noticed we’re transitioning our mobile apps to Phoenix a few weeks later than we estimated. We needed a few extra weeks to make sure our success criteria were met, and the extra time allowed us to fix more bugs, add more features, and keep working on stability and performance. It also took some time for us to get enough feedback from players to feel confident moving forward.

Now, we are ready to announce a timeline for when we expect this transition to happen officially. We’ll begin the rollout of Phoenix to the mobile apps on Tuesday, October 24, 2023. We’re opting for a phased rollout for both the iOS and Android apps. This will allow us to monitor for any issues and quickly address bugs. The phased rollout schedule means it may take up to a week before all players receive the update on their devices.

Once Phoenix becomes the default mobile app experience, we will move to the next phase, which is preparation to retire Legacy. We expect this process to take around 3 weeks. During that time, we’ll be fixing bugs, gathering feedback, and implementing the following new features:

  • List View/Cards View
  • Improved Image Experience
  • Scenario Filters
  • Text Display Options

Throughout this process, we have been encouraged by messages and questions from players.

It would be great if the [app] could match the features and UI improvements of the web version.
Are the Story Cards coming to the mobile app as well?
This Phoenix update is well-thought and fixes many (if not all) issues of world creation. If you've quit using AI Dungeon earlier, this overhaul alone is worth checking the app out again.
You guys have exceeded all my expectations here, very well done both conceptually and visually. This kind of flexibility of story setup and proper contextual consistency based on initial inputs/choices was really missing from the legacy version. This is the way!
Thank you for all of your hard work and communication. I love your game and always have fun with it!

A big thank you to our players who have been testing and giving feedback all along the way. We rely heavily on input from our community, alpha testers, and beta testers to help us continuously improve AI Dungeon, and we are very grateful for your support!