September 11, 2023

Phoenix is Feature Complete! Web Transition to Phoenix Planned for Sept 14th

Phoenix is feature complete. The transition of Phoenix web to be the default experience will start on Sept 14th.

Update: Phoenix Transition Postponed, New Release Candidate Ready for Beta Testing

We expected to transition all web (i.e., everything but native app) traffic to the Phoenix version of AI Dungeon today (September 14, 2023). As we outlined in our recent blog post, we set specific success criteria to be met before moving forward with the transition. Although we’re close, we didn’t feel like we met those success criteria, so we’re postponing the transition. We have a new Release Candidate available in Beta for testing. We will start the transition on Sept 15th or Sept 18th, depending on how Beta testing goes.

In particular, we committed to resolving all P1 and P2 bugs. This morning, as our team gathered to prepare for the transition, we found additional bugs that needed to be resolved. Although we’ve fixed the bugs and will be pushing those updates to Phoenix today, we feel it will be best to let the community test this new Release Candidate for some time before we cut over web traffic to Phoenix.

Please continue to share any feedback and bug reports in our dedicated channel on Discord.

Phoenix is officially feature complete! On Friday last week (September 8, 2023), we pushed several new features to AI Dungeon, including Story Cards (replacement to World Info), Scenario Character Creator, Adventure Read Screen, and Scripting.

This means that, so far, we’re on schedule with the Phoenix transition we shared on August 30th. The next step is to transition the Web experience to default to Phoenix for all users. We are planning this transition for Thursday, September 14th. Legacy will still be available at Going forward, will be the new URL for AI Dungeon. The and URLs will both be forwarded there.

We’re paying close attention to player feedback to make sure any bugs and loose ends are addressed before this transition. As a reminder, we will not move forward until we’ve been able to fix any Priority 1 (P1) and Priority 2 (P2) bugs that have been reported for Phoenix on the Web. We’ll also be capturing any player feedback and addressing any critical feedback before moving forward. Please be sure to share any feedback or bugs in our bugs Discord channel or email us at [email protected].

After we successfully transition, the next step will be to transition the native iOS and Android apps to Phoenix. We expect this to happen one to two weeks after the Web transition.

Please be sure to share any feedback with us as we prepare for this transition. Our goal is to make sure this is a smooth transition for our players.