January 26, 2023

How players have responded to the Unchained release

In the month since releasing Unchained, we’ve received lots of positive feedback from players and want to share some highlights and additional progress that we’ve made.

As a reminder, updates and new features that came with Unchained included:

  • Ad-free gameplay
  • AI model optimizations
  • Image generation for all players
  • Stability and authentication infrastructure improvements
  • Faster AI speeds for members and optional speed boosts for free players

Since the release, we’ve seen several positive reviews from players. A user from the Google Play store said the recent update “is a step in the right direction.” Someone on Steam talked about how “the amount of power you get for a free AI with no limits is insane.” Another player on Reddit said, “It genuinely feels like a new dawn is breaking for Latitude, I’m really hyped.”

The best reviews, though, came from users who were excited enough about Unchained that they returned to AI Dungeon after a long hiatus. One of those players said, “Well, I think it’s time I come back then, seeing as this fixed a lot of what I didn’t like! I’m glad to see you guys were able to make these changes.”

Our December player survey received a record setting 3,700+ responses. Players told us they were most excited about unlimited ad-free actions, AI model improvements, and upgrades to image generation from the Unchained release. 86% of responders said the announcements made them more excited to play AI Dungeon, and 89% agreed that Latitude is getting better at listening to and addressing player feedback.

Since Unchained, we’ve seen our monthly returning users increase by almost 14%. Our daily returning users have increased by almost 9%, and daily new users have increased by almost 27%. This means that more users are signing up for and consistently playing AI Dungeon than before this release, so we’re thrilled to see players enjoying the changes. Unchained was the first named release for AI Dungeon, and we’ll be sharing details about our next one soon!

Thank you to our dedicated community who continue to enjoy AI Dungeon and push us to make it an even better experience. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the amazing support from our players. By sharing feedback, reporting bugs, creating content, and of course, contributing financial support, you make the continued development of AI Dungeon possible. We are grateful for all you bring to the game and community!