December 12, 2022

Unchained Release & Product Updates

Today marks the release of our newest version of AI Dungeon, Unchained.

It’s been a busy year and while we always have room to improve, we are quite proud of how far we have come. You all are a key piece of that progress, pushing us to be more innovative, thoughtful and cutting edge. Thank you. Thank you for helping us get to where we are today.

Unchained is our first named release for AI Dungeon. We plan to bundle new features into larger releases that will be released roughly every three months. This will provide greater stability to the product and allow us to better communicate changes to players. We have several releases planned that will follow Unchained in the coming months.

Unchained Highlights

We’re addressing several areas of player feedback with this release. Some key highlights are:

  • Griffin is FREE! Ads will no longer interrupt the core gameplay experience of AI Dungeon. Uninterrupted, unlimited AI Dungeon for all.
  • We now have a free version of AI Dungeon on Steam, and a $10 in-app-purchase for those who want faster AI speeds, larger context (memory) and access to advanced settings
  • Image generation is now available to all, and prices are reduced to 1 credit for a standard image. Legend members have unlimited image generation!
  • Model improvements. Our models are now faster, and we’ve improved the underlying infrastructure to make model improvements faster and more frequent. We have a new versioning system that will be utilized to monitor changes.

Other Updates

The upgrades coming with Unchained aren’t the only changes we’ve made lately. We’ve been making improvements in several key areas including:

  • Stability—We’ve identified and rewritten unstable code, but that’s just the beginning. We’re making huge changes to the way we develop AI Dungeon. Going forward, features will be bundled into larger, more stable releases that are clearly communicated to players
  • Authentication—We’ve rewritten our authentication protocols from scratch. Our new, recently launched login system based on Firebase Authentication is already a much more stable and secure experience for players.
  • Model quality—We’ve doubled down on investing in improving the AI and have been working behind the scenes on our fine-tune data for every model we offer. This means we’re improving the models that power AI Dungeon and the data used to train them, which will help solve issues and improve the overall experience for every player. This will continue to evolve and we are thrilled to see how our models get even better.
  • UI/UX—We’ve heard and agree that AI Dungeon can at times feel unintuitive and clunky, so we’re taking drastic steps to fix this. We’ve added some incredibly talented designers and developers to our team who are hard at work addressing these concerns. We’ll have more details about these enhancements in early 2023.

We are incredibly excited about the updates and improvements. But it’s hard to revel at how far we’ve come without considering where we’ve been.

These changes are a great conclusion to a busy year. In 2022 alone, we introduced some exciting few features like:

  • Wyvern - a new AI model for our players. Wyvern is the perfect partner to improve the breadth and depth of your adventures.
  • Hydra Mode - the result of experimenting with AI to see if it was capable of improving storytelling. To date, Wyvern-Hydra is our best performing and most loved model.
  • Larger context length—We added larger context lengths for both Griffin and Wyvern, which means more story is included in the data sent to the AI when continuing your adventures. The result is more coherent stories for you, and an AI that processes more information for longer.
  • AI Dungeon HD—We integrated several new image models into AI Dungeon, including Stable Diffusion. Players can now create high quality images directly in AI Dungeon!
  • Voyage Beta - the first platform for discovering, playing, and creating AI-powered content. Unlike normal games or experiences, AI-integration introduces limitless possibilities. You can play the same game repeatedly and have a completely new experience every time.
  • Voyage Creator Tools - We believe these tools will allow countless creators to build AI-powered content more amazing than anything we could imagine. There are now over 60 experiences on Voyage available to try right now!

Coming Soon

We are continuing to invest in more resources for our players and community. We have a number of other big changes coming in the new year. They will be part of our next major release, coming in early 2023.

Please check out the new AI Dungeon Guidebook for tons of tips and strategies to help you utilize AI Dungeon’s special features and create the best stories and adventures possible. Many new pages with important AI Dungeon information have been created like Image Prompt Guide, Product Updates, or Table of Contents.

We will continue to invest in making big improvements to AI Dungeon’s interface, game experience, and back-end technology. We care deeply that the AI model quality and, in turn, your adventures, are the highest caliber we can make them. We are thankful you are a part of the journey, and look forward to sharing more with you early in the new year.

From all of us at AI Dungeon, thank you.

Happy Holidays!