October 3, 2022

Wyvern Now Has Double Memory!

The max context size for Wyvern has now doubled from 1024 tokens to 2048!

With double the context size you should have fewer instances of the AI forgetting characters' names or attributes, losing track of narrative lines, etc. It also means more rich and deep stories that can recall more characters and scenes from World Info.

What does the context size mean?

Language models like Wyvern can only analyze a limited amount of text at one time, and this is called "context." When we send a request to the language model, we're not just sending the prompt text you just typed in. We combine your prompt text with any active World Info, data stored in your Memory, Author's Notes, and as much of your recent story text as we can fit and send this to the language model. With double the context size the AI can use more information and not “forget” details in your story.

Learn more about Wyvern in the AI Dungeon Help Guide.